The FDB proposes the development of special project / works. These special projects will promote religious and cultural events that are important to keep in memory. Those projects are directly and indirectly related to the Bible and its Christian tradition.


We are devoted also to special topics on Spanish traditions based on Christian culture. We try to recover traditions still alive. For example, we are doing research on a Procesión de las Mortajas’ tradition, a procession where people walk behind the sculpture Nazareno carrying his/herself shroud, as a positive sign of understanding death and resurrection. This is a popular tradition in a Galician city called Pobra do Caramiñal. This spiritual and culture manifestation shows a deep sense of life and death. In this tradition birth, life and death are combined through centuries from primitive times in Dolmens of the surroundings of that city to present times in this Mortajas’ procession. Suffering a life in illness and risk are faced with faith, in a long way of hope and charity, with the only intention of the celebration of Life.  WEB NAZARENO.



This Competition is addressed to the Secondary Schools of Spain (ages 12 to 18). The FDB will propose a big list of Biblical passages for its theatrical representation. Students will choose one passage, they will represent it, and they will record it in video format and send it to the FDB. There will be several prizes that will be officially given in a special gala. All the recordings will be available in the FDB’s webpage, and the bests will be available in the eBible App.