Welcome to the Digital Bible Foundation (FDB)

The raison d’être of the Digital Bible Foundation consists on the study, research and diffusion of the Bible all over the World through the New Digital Technologies of Communication in the new Digital Era. We want that the Bible and its message be present in the international digital platforms, so that the Bible will be accessible through our digital and audiovisual creations.

The FDB is decidedly devoted to update the Bible on the digital World, so that the Bible can be accessible for all generations thanks to a digital format full of stimulus and innovations. The digital format is nowadays the best way to transmit this treasure that we have inherited to future generations.

The eBible project

What is the main goal of the eBible project? We want to spread the Bible so that men and women of present times will go in depth into the Biblical world. The eBible project wants to deliver knowledge, interpretation, personal and collective meditation based on the Bible to people interested in it. The eBible project has a very original and unique creative proposal under the registered trademark called eBible®. The eBible® constitutes a new technological proposal based on the digital culture and Internet so that the reader will be involved in an interpretative and interactive reading of the Bible.

This project illustrates Bible based on the combination of image and text, both of them merged as an artistic and Biblical whole. The eBible® delivers in an enhanced eBooks the following components: Text, Illustration, Audio book, Music for every Illustration, interpretations of the text in a pop-up window and finally links to the social media. This technological and artistic creation enables the reader to approach the Bible in a very worthwhile reading, and makes the knowledge of the Bible more attractive and profitable. At the end, the reader of the eBible® achieves more training and knowledge through an easy and interactive digital method.