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What people said about us ...

Begoña B.G.: Spain
Graduate International management

This is a product that has a high commercial power. Its uniqueness, its differentiated niche market and finally its competitive advantages made a big impact in the international market. Its unique and original illustrations with high artistic value, its reading experience through audio for the general public and accessible for the blind, and finally its other applications of this eBible® product... all of these advantages make this product something much more that a mere eBook.

David Chao
Dr. David chao: Spain
Professor Hª Arte U.S.C.

In a word: you are in front of a project that pursues relocating the Bible in the 21st-Century. We want to make the ancient text viable and valid. We want to update the reception and the interpretation of sacred passage for contemporary men. For that purpose, we bring together both theological analysis and artistic creativity, and we take into account the solutions of audiovisual and digital technologies of our times.

Mns. D. Melchor: Vatican
Deputy secretary C.P.C

This is a project ever attempted: giving images and voice to the unabridged text of the Sacred Scriptures, step-by-step and passage-by-passage. We are doing the same work as in ancient times: capturing in images the content of the Bible for those who couldn’t read.

Fr. Antonio M.: Spain

The reading of the eBible will be a very complete experience and will be proposed in a didactic and understandable way, you will be competent, your reading will be assisted by images, you will be involved in the staging of the scene as a television visual style.

Juan Javier
J. Javier M.H.: Spain
Abbot Monast. S.I.D.

The mise-en-scène of images, and the extreme careful work of both artistic and Christian painting in the context of the digital technique of the eBook in different languages make this project the best tool for the transmission of both Christian faith and the whole cultural Western legacy.

D. Juan V. B.
D. Juan V. B.: Vatican
CorrespondentVaticano ABC

The eBible project places the Bible in the 21st-Century context of audiovisual communication, in other words: a flood of images, a great quantity of sound archives (voice and music) and video archives. This presentation makes the Bible more accessible to the reader, who for the most part is also spectator.

Mercedes M.C.: Spain
Abbess Monastery S.M.D

This clear and easy set up of reading, those images, the opportunity of touching a period, the knowledge of historical circumstances, the bringing back to prophetic oracles… all of these points make us moved to the space and time where the facts really took place.

Rev. Luis A.
Rev. Luis A.: Portugal
Reverend OSB

New generations of Millennians are used to the digital world of communication. I am sure that they will find a wonderful stimulus in the eBooks of the eBible for a rigorous understanding in the depth of the Bible.I have no doubt that your work will be rewarded and you will succeed.

Valentín P. V.
Valentín P. V.: Spain
Director Minetauro Digital

The digital interaction of image, audio and text is the ideal for the goal we pursue, i.e. understanding the Biblical content in its different levels. The addition of other interactive elements would entail unfortunately distorting the natural flow of reading, and would complicate the digital originality that we want to preserve.

Ciriaco M. A.
Ciriaco M. A.: NY
ProfessorU. Cornell (NY)

This is a project where its illustrations have the impact that images cause nowadays. Hermeneutics ­–‘the art of understanding’– started as a search of the best way of reading the Bible.Then, due to its force in images and sound, we can conclude that the eBible can be a hermeneutic prodigy of 21st-Century.

Rev. Cesáreo
Rev. Cesáreo: Spain
Priest Diócesis S.C.

Congratulations to Xoán Manuel Neira Pérez for his extraordinary work! He is involved in the eBible project, which no doubt will lead young and adult Christians to a better understanding of God’s Word, source and guide for praying.