The Digital Bible Foundation stresses the importance of the section “Humanists of the eBible”. This is a section that belongs to the foundation’s organization chart. This section includes all kind of humanists who base their intellectual and artistic activity on a Christian personal inspiration. Those are artists, writers, scholars, historians, poets, composers and musicians, painters, sculptors and so on.

This is the process of incorporation in this section: The “Humanist of the eBible” expresses his/her concern about his/her belonging to the Digital Bible Foundation, and his/her desire to contribute to the increase of the Bible engagement all over the world. The eBible humanists commit themselves to the creation of a cultural legacy for future generations. This legacy outlines the importance of the Christian presence in the different areas of society in the world.


Padre Donostia

Padre Donostia

José Gonzalo Zulaica Arregui, más conocido en el mundo del arte y la música como el P. Donostia (1886-1956).

Ildefonso Escribano de la Torre

Ildefonso Escribano de la Torre was born in Villanueva de Alcardete (Toledo, Spain) in 1933. He is a missionary in Rio Janeiro.
I. Tellechea

Jose I. Tellechea Idígoras

José Ignacio Tellechea Idígoras is the first humanist whom the Fundación Digital Bible has devoted to.