The Digital Era is based on different digital devices that provide audiovisual and digital creations. The eBible Project is mainly based on our Enhanced eBooks which are an important part of these devices. These special eBooks are very suitable for our project because they provide the best platform for our digital creations: 1) full screen images already treated by Photoshop; 2) Audio visuals as a very productive way of communication; 3) Audios of the Bible, 4) and other effects that enrich the message that we want to communicate. The eBible Project has also a very special interest in our audiovisual creations because of its productive techniques.


The eBible Project provides the following five audiovisual creations: Biblical Narratives, Biblical Values, the Biblitos, interactive Learning Units, and finally the Lectio Divinas. These five audiovisual creations constitute effective approaches to the message of the Bible, and they complement each other by exploring different ways of delivering the Biblical content. The Biblical Narratives are eBooks that show the Biblical content through a set of images that put special emphasis in the Biblical lessons. The Biblical Values are audiovisuals that focus the Biblical content from the point of view of the necessary values for the construction of the human person. The Learning Units are audiovisuals that are the best tools for a good Biblical training. The Biblitos are audiovisuals that show the Biblical content from the viewpoint of a current issue. And finally, the Lectios are audiovisuals that present the Bible from a method of meditation and spirituality. These five creations combine music, text, dramatized texts in audios, full screen images, audiovisual images and sound effects and soundtrack.


Both a Digital Expert and Audiovisual Expert support this project. David Gómez Pérez is the audiovisual and TIC expert and José Barroso Castro is the person in charge of the digital productions.

Any person interested in contributing to our eBible creations and excited in proposing new digital creations, please contact us, express your concern and explain your possibilities. My skills available to the eBible