Our nature

The Digital Bible Foundation (FDB) is a non-profit organization with a foundational nature. That means that its financial assets are oriented forever to the completion of our purpose. The Spanish Government and, in its regional representation, the Galician Autonomic Government (Presidency, Public Administrations and Justice Council of the Xunta de Galicia) has classified the FDB as “of cultural interest”, on the 25th of May 2015 (DOG No. 107: 06.09.2015). The Xunta de Galicia has declared the FDB as “of Galician interest” (Section Culture) on the 7th of June 2015. The FDB has been registered in the Spanish Internal Revenue Office as a tax-exempt private foundation as recognized by Law 49/2002 on the Special Tax System's Spanish Government for non-profit Entities and on the tax incentives to the patronage of gifts, donations and payments.

The FDB works thanks to the support of a group of persons who value the Biblical culture and believe that the Bible is a perfect tool for the construction of a more humanistic society. The eBible project does not receive financial aid from other private or public institutions. That’s why we depend on the donations of people who feel identified with our values and objectives. The donation is the best way of getting involved with this creative project. In addition, donations have tax-exemptions because of the non-profit nature of our projects. Do you want to make a donation?


The FDB works towards the 5 following goals:

  • Adapt the Bible to the new digital culture. Two are the advantages of a digital format: on the one hand, people can access easily to the Bible; on the other, the digital facilities make the reading of the Bible an attractive and stimulating experience. In a word: our Biblical digital artifacts invite and incite you to read, enjoy, understand and delve into the Bible.
  • Increase the contact with the Bible and with its values. Foster instructive and creative activities inspired by these values in the context of the digital world we live. Make more human this new digital era by taking into account Biblical values like dialogue, peace, and harmony among civilizations.
  • Focus the reading of the Bible through digital and audiovisual tools based on painting, art and music. We believe that the combination of the digital and the art is the best strategy for the diffusion and training of the Biblical culture.
  • Interact among people who read the Bible through digital platforms. We believe that digital platforms allow for a better and more profound contact with the Bible. Apply the Biblical knowledge to our personal experience.
  • Make known the work of humanists who promote in their works the same values as those of the Bible. We believe that those values are an example for a more human civilization.

All of these goals will be possible thanks to the donations to the FDB.