The FDB’s Board of Trustees makes decisions and ensures that foundational objectives are completed. The Board of Trustees administrates goods and intellectual rights, which are a part of the estate of the Foundation; they look after the maintenance and utility of the goods and rights. The Board of Trustees can designate Consulting Boards and Commissions of study, and can be assisted by Contributors who desire to carry out the work and objectives of the Foundation.


The Founder of the Foundation, Xoán Manuel Neira Pérez, has appointed the Board of Trustees. This small board of Trustees was appointed to start up the first works of the Foundation. The idea of the Board of Trustees is to increase the number of leader executives who agree with the development of the mission of the Foundation.

According to Articles 14 and 15 of the Fundación Digital Bible’s Statute, the President has proceed with the renewal of the Board of Trustees and with the appointments for the positions of Secretary and Vice-President. Therefore Prof. Ciriaco Arroyo and Prof. Teresa Zulaica have been renewed in their positions as Trustees. Prof. Arroyo has also been renewed as Vice-President and Prof. Zulaica has been also renewed as Secretary. Both of them has accepted their renewal, and Fundación Digital Bible has informed to the Protectorado de Fundaciones that a new Board of Trustees has been created and will be active until April 21, 2021.


Teresa Zulaica


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Teresa Zulaica Arsuaga
I am Secretary of the Digital Bible Foundation.
Ciriaco Morron


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Ciriaco Morrón Arroyo
I am Vice-Chair of the Digital Bible Foundation.
Xoan Neira Perez


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Xoán M. Neira Pérez
Founder and Chair of the Digital Bible Foundation.


The Volunteers Office

The Volunteers Office is an advisory board for the creation and monitoring of the eBible Volunteer’s Plans. The Board of Trustees will designate the persons in charge of this Commission, and the President will finally approve those designations.

Advisory Board for Research

This Advisory Board has a collegiate function, which means that its duties are delegated from the Board of Trustees. This Advisory Board has an advisory nature for the support of the Foundation. Those persons who are renowned for their academic research and knowledge will become members of this Advisory Board for Research. These members will advice the Digital Bible Foundation, since they are involved with its principles and objectives. In addition, the Humanists of the eBible, the holders of eBible Fellowships, those Artists who contributed to the Foundation and promoted by the Board of Trustees, and finally those eBible Volunteers promoted by both the Director of Volunteers and the Board of Trustees can also become members of this Advisory Board for Research.


Alejandro Sirvent Bartón (Music contibutor)


Blanca Gimeno Capmany (Illustration contributor.)


Luís Álvarez Fernández: (Illustrator contributor.)