The eBible project has the goal of making the Bible accessible to a more and more larger amount of people, so that the content, messages and values of the Bible are available everywhere.

For this purpose, we have chosen the two most used languages of Internet: English and Spanish. We have chosen the Latin-American standard linguistic language because this is the most spoken version in the World. In that sense, all products and creations of the eBible project are produced in English and Spanish Latin-American version. In some cases, some of the creations are produced only in Spanish due to the lack of economic funds for the English version. Donations from people interested in this project will make possible future digital creations of this project.

However, symbols and images are the best language because they break linguistic frontiers, and they allow contacting whomever human being in the world.

Jose Barroso Castro is the person in charge of digitalization and edition of images and eBooks.