The eBible project defines a Learning Unit as a learning proposal on a particular general subject of the Bible. The learning units are produced in an audiovisual format. The main learning objective consists on appraising a key conceptual element of both the Biblical Narratives and the History of Salvation. A Learning Unit shows and analyzes basic religious and theological principles that are present in the Bible and in the Judeo-Christian history.

For example: We will analyze theological definitions as “History of Salvation”, “Creation”, “Sin”, “Redemption” and” Covenant”.

The new and interesting thing about this Learning Units relies on its digital and audiovisual interactive method. In this sense, although the key theological concepts have an abstract nature, they can get more concrete and obvious since they are reflected in a visual way in the artistic images of the Bible illustrations of the eBible project.

The Bible Learning Units are specially designed as complement of the Bible Courses of the Fundación Digital Bible.