Biblical narratives constitute one of the five projects under the eBible® trademark. Biblical narratives are audio-visuals based on Biblical passages that portrait the life and message of a particular Biblical character. The goal of these audio-visuals consists on making the Bible accessible for the General Public. The main feature of these Biblical narratives is their shortness and their simplicity, as far as the character or the event can make it possible. Therefore, taking in to account this simplicity and shortness, we try to make the reading of the Bible easier and more accessible.

The reason of proposing these Biblical Narratives rests in the poor knowledge of the nowadays society about the most of the characters and narratives of the Bible. We detect a very big distance between the contemporary society and the Biblical text, and that is due to the lack of a previous knowledge that allows a better understanding of the Bible. These Biblical Narratives of the eBible pursue surpassing this distance and promoting a more familiar approach to the Bible, by doing a selection of the most meaningful contents of the Bible. For that purpose, the crucial protagonists of the History of Salvation will be the best introducers of the Biblical message, and will do so through the new technologies of communication.

The Biblical narratives are composed of the following elements in audio visual format:

  • Illustrations: The different Biblical passages related to a character or a particular story of the Bible will be unified in an audio-visual composed by intertwined narrative sequences composed by the illustrations of the eBooks.
  • Biblical text: the text of the Bible is placed on every illustration in a box.
  • Audio:the Biblical text is recited in an audio with background music and sound effects. The background music illustrates the moods present in Biblical passage of every illustration.
  • Intertitles: there are intertitles between the different sequences of illustrations. These intertitles link the different sequences.
  • Conclusion: a summary of the Biblical message and the Biblical values is projected at the end of the audio visual.

The eBible offers a Biblical narrative devoted to every important character in the Bible. We will be publishing these stories according to the order of appearance in the Bible: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Babel, Abraham, Jacob, Mosses, John the Baptist, etc.

There are many important Characters, and so there will be characters many in our Biblical narratives project. Those Narratives will be available for free in English and in Spanish Latin-American version.

This project entails a very big creative effort and an economic investment. Therefore, the creation of these Biblical Narratives needs your economic support destined to the Fundación Digital Bible for these kinds of projects.