The eBible® is a trademark that provide our eBook. The eBible project is basically based on the eBook of the eBible®.

Our eBook are more than a simple eBook: they are enhanced with the following components: digital text, images, audio, video, links and pop-up windows…

  • Biblical Text: both in its typographical appearance and in its audio recording. The reading is experienced as a linear succession of both letters and sounds, based on a recited text with background music and sounds effects.
  • Image: The image comes as an instant visual shock of an entire image placed on the digital page without margins. And the image folds out throughout the meditative time of the reader who ruminates the iconography together with its theological keys.
  • Audios: the audio is the unabridged Biblical text recited with music background and sound effects and illustrates psychological, narrative and theological states.
  • Vídeos: There are different videos on collective nature of this work (a collective author and his collaborators; another video describing the eBible® project; and finally, another one provinding a theological introduction about the Biblical book.
  • Links to social networks of the eBible: our web, YouTube and blogs, etc.
  • Pop-up windows provide theological guidelines to the text and to the image that appears on the page. This theological interpretation is based on modern theology, on exegesis of Church Fathers and on the protestant exegetical tradition.

These different arts combined in an eBook make the Biblical text much more interesting, interactive, so the result will be a more profound reading experience of the reader. The point of this combination of arts consists on making the Biblical text more attractive and more available for people of whatever age. We expect that the reader could enjoy the Biblical narratives, understand them and finally explore the Biblical message in depth. The eBook adapt the Sacred Scriptures to our new digital culture based on digital images, on communication online and finally on audio visual experiences.

The eBook of the trademark eBible® constitute a new art: it is not cinema; it is not a traditional illustrated book. This new art consist of a digital combination of sequential images interconnected by the narrative succession of the unabridged biblical text itself. Every illustration in its iconographical plan illustrates a Biblical fragment and represents its narrative scene together with its theological load. Illustration together with its illustrated Biblical text produces a meditative, contemplative and interpretative response by the reader. And this reading experience is orchestrated by the combination of visual arts, new communication media, music and a digital book format.

The publishing of eBook of the trademark eBible® will entail such an enormous work due to the amount of eBooks, i.e. more than 300 eBooks and more than 50.000 original illustrations. This is unique in the history of the publication of the Bible: the eBible will be a very valuable collection of enhanced eBooks, all of them available for whomever in the world. The point is that the Bible continues to be very well known and read. In this sense, these eBooks are in two languages: Spanish Latino American version and English. In addition, these eBooks will be ready for download, and for free.