This event happened in an American city log time ago. The Chief of a Fire Department noticed an unfair delay in the service of the tank truck, so he called the attention to the driver. The origin of this delay was so trivial: things happened because of the whim of some birds, which made their nest under the radiator. The baby birds were hidden there, and they were unable to fly. The heavy mass of this track was working very slowly and gently, with maternal devotion, due to the hidden birds. So the truck became out of service, until those small guests were able to fly and to abandon spontaneously the radiator.

The inhalation of glue by poor children in Myanmar is very frequent nowadays. They live in a very extreme situation of poverty and society’s neglect. For instance, we report the case of a 14 years old child who lost his father and left the primary school in the fifth year. His mother gave birth to a new brother ten days ago, and the family had to pay a debt of 30.000 kyats ($ 37).