The Biblical Narratives bring to light the real message of the Biblical protagonists. The most valuable of these messages is based on HUMAN VALUES AND THEIR DIVINE BASIS. In that sense, every Biblical Character shows a behavior regarding the others, the World and God. The Biblical Characters, by their own, aimed for a type of behavior leaned towards good and constructive actions for their whole life. This life of perfection is a moral and religious model for the humankind. In other words, their life and their message is based on a essential option of life that they have chosen in purpose. Their human existence is constructed in a permanent choice between values and contra-values, so they have chosen the values and the have regret the contra-values based on their human freedom. The most important point relies on his way of life founded in God as the main reference. God is the perfection and we have to look for perfection in our lives: “you, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect”. The perfection leads to the full construction of the human person who fights against temptation, wins the contra-value and finally choses the option of the value.

We will conclude, at the end of these Biblical Narratives, that the Biblical values constitute the basis of the Christian civilization. The current construction of the human person will be at risk if these values are not taken into account. These values are evident in the Bible and are the essential option for the humankind. That’s why the Bible is so universal in the five continents. The Bible provides the capacity of constructing a civilization based on a full construction of the human person whose basis is love.

To conclude: Our Biblical Narratives about a character of the Bible give to light the values that are the basis of a life in perfection. These values are useful to our society, so that we can grow up in perfection and against contra-values that put in risk the dignity of the human being.

The eBible project opens up this section of Biblical Values. Every Unit of Biblical Values is based on its parallel Unit of Biblical Narratives. That is to say, both Biblical Values Unit and Biblical Narrative Unit are related based on the particular character’s values and contra-values that are showed up in the message of the Bible. A Gallery of Biblical Values parallel to the Gallery of Biblical Narratives is the result of the research in the life and behavior of our Biblical Characters..

The section devoted to the Biblical Values of a character is delivered in audiovisual format composed by the following elements:

  • A general survey of Biblical Values.
  • Introduction to the initial Values: Definition and Biblical Links.
  • Actions: the Counter-Values.
  • Biblical message: Basic Values.

The aim of this section of Values consists on showing up a list of values present in the Biblical text and in every character. The format of section will be the audiovisual, so that we can offer to people a Biblical knowledge based in ways of life and behaviors present in Biblical Characters still alive in our cultures. There are many values, and there will be as many Galleries of Values as Biblical Narratives that the eBible project will offered to you. And these Galleries of values in audiovisual format will be offer to you for free. We need you to support the Fundación Digital Bible in the Gallery of Values programs.