The eBooks of the eBible project provide an audio with the Biblical text read by professional readers who perform the different characters. Since we have many audios of the eBook, we also provide separately these audios for whomever interested in listening to them. We need to complete such an enormous audio work, but we need the economical support for recording them. If you are interested in giving a donation for the record of the audios, please HELP US.

An eBible App for iOS and Android will be launched soon! This App includes the totality of the eBooks of the eBible, audio of the different Biblical books, and a great variety of video. Discover and enjoy our BIBLITOS! And everything by a knockdown price! Become an eBible Volunteer and you can profit from a full-free access to the App. In addition, this eBible App has its own Social Network where you can make your own community of friends around the Bible.

You can also download this eBook in iTunes and Google Play stores. Search it by this title eBible: + eBook tittle.

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The publication of this enhanced eBook entails a substantial economic investment. We succeeded in offering you some capabilities of this eBook. However, there are other tools that we need to install. Your support is crucial for future tools like audios, videos and introductions. Give us support and DONATE to the Digital Bible Foundation.